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Family counseling is a great course of action if the stress of every day life, traumatic events, or other life changes affect and individual or multiple family members. When your family is experiencing communal difficulties, family counseling at Blue Sky Psychiatry can help restore balance.

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    Sherman Oaks Family Counseling

    Family counseling is a form of therapy that entails meeting with the family as a whole (or several members of the family) to identify themes and resolve conflicts.


    More often than not, the necessity for family therapy will arise when one family member is struggling with something in their life and exhibiting symptoms. Often family therapy will arise due to one member’s trials and tribulations. Family therapy allows the opportunity to observe how the system responds to those struggles and allows for examination of cultural and multi-generational expectations and influences.


    In most families there are often what are referred to as “subsystems” that respond differently under various circumstances. A focus of family therapy is to help integrate the system, clarify roles and expectations (current and generational), and to assist each individual member cope most effectively during big transitions.

    Common Reasons Families Come to Counseling

    Our providers have found that sometimes even positive changes can disrupt a sturdy family dynamic such as a new job, moving to another location, or a child’s graduation or wedding. These idiosyncrasies may generate dramas that do not always have obvious solutions.

    The caring and professional staff at Blue Sky Psychiatry have the tools to help you and other members of your family deal with these challenges through education and family counseling.

    Therapists at Blue Sky Psychiatry consider family counseling to be one element of an overall treatment plan.

    Family counseling can be very valuable and provide assistance in cases of:

    • Divorce splits a family apart.
    • A move to a new city or country is imminent.
    • Children are having difficulty in school or making friends.
    • A family member become ill or dies.
    • A parent loses a job or a substantial financial loss occurs.

    Why is Family Counseling Right for You?

    Everyone has their own personal struggle, and sometimes it manifests as issues such as alcoholism, obesity, drug abuse or depression and it can affect everyone in a household and often beyond. Dr. Joel Crohn brings parents, children and even extended family members into joint therapy sessions for conflict resolution to foster closer relationships and lasting change.

    In addition to family counseling, we offer individual therapy, couples therapy, and psychiatry.

    Why is Family Counseling Right for You?

    Any one family member’s struggle with issues such as obesity, drug addiction and abuse, alcoholism, or depression can affect everyone in a household. Dr. Joel Crohn brings parents, children, and even extended family members into a joint therapy for conflict resolution to foster closer relationships and lasting change.

    In addition to family counseling, we offer individual therapy, couples therapy, and psychiatry.

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    Start Communicating

    Family counseling in Sherman Oaks can open channels of communication that reveal the roots of a person’s conflicts. During the course of your sessions at BSP, underlying family issues are often uncovered and resolved.

    Gain Insight

    Very often, troubled family members can gain insight from life experiences of other family members who have undergone similar challenges. Families also learn how they unwittingly contribute to the problems of a sibling, parent or spouse.

    Find Solutions

    When the various challenges that families face are correctly identified and communicated, you are able to work on solutions together. This kind of approach emboldens relationships among family members and can help avoid similar conflicts in the future.

    Adjust to Changes in a Safe Place

    Blended families can often experience issues with adjusting to a new environment. Family counseling can help navigate this difficult time and assist in setting you and your new family up for a flawless transition into a new dynamic.

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