We’ll periodically update our resource page with new information and brief suggestions about how to best manage life while dealing with the challenges presented by COVID-19. Even after we’re able to resume more normal lives, you may find that most of these listings will still be useful.

Helpful Resources

Good Advice About Staying Centered




Staying Sane when Two or More are Working from Home




The Best Meditation Apps to Help with Anxiety

O, The Oprah Magazine



The 9 Best YouTube Yoga Channels I Discovered While Practicing Yoga at Home for 6 Years

Free and Pajama-approved from Self Magazine



Seeking Sobriety – AA Meetings Online

12-Step Meetings have all been converted to online formats. Here’s a guide to local meetings that will resume in-person meetings in local communities including Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, and Thousand Oaks.

San Fernando

http://www.sfvaa.org/ (Also has helpful information about protecting privacy in Zoom meetings)

Los Angeles County


Ventura County


Helping Our Children

Talking to Children About Coronavirus

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry



How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

How to Talk to Your Anxious Child or Teen About Coronavirus

Mental Health America



Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus (Includes Link to Helpful YouTube Video)

Child Mind Institute


Triumph of the Spirit – Music in a Time of COVID

Boléro by Maurice Ravel – Performed by the French National Orchestra in Confinement

Appalachian Spring – Musicians of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony – Performed by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra from Their Bedrooms

“Ode to Joy” – Performed by the Colorado Symphony

Andrea Bocelli: Music For Hope – Live From Duomo di Milano


Time Can Be on Our Side

For some, days in seclusion can seem endless. Time can pass too slowly. We are restless and anxious and don’t know what to do with ourselves. Or perhaps we try to conquer time with endless reading or watching the news. An hour a day may inform us, five hours a day just feeds our anxiety.

In our pre-COVID-19 existence, so many of us complained about being over-scheduled, rushing from place to place, not having enough time to get though our list for the day, the week, or our life. In our current reality, confined to our homes and neighborhoods, some of us feel we have too much time on our hands. We now may need to structure our own days in ways that were not necessary in the world of the office or school.

With a little encouragement, we know of friends, family, and clients who have managed to creatively use this crisis as an opportunity to make changes in their lives that they feel good about. No one wishes for a worldwide pandemic to give us the time and space to learn and grow personally, professionally, and in our important relationships. But if you pick up a neglected musical instrument, practice a language you’ve always wanted to learn, or reconnect with important people in your life, you can begin to transform helplessness into hope.